Professional Learning Event

Tuesday, October 29TH | 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Dublin, CA

Learning and Networking
plus a light dinner


Fixing What's Wrong w/ Training:
Transforming Knowledge Into Practice

(a.k.a. "Transforming Learning Through
Science & Evidence-based Curriculum Design")

with Clark Quinn Ph.D.

Nationally-recognized speaker, learning researcher and author Clark Quinn will share with you how to leverage the latest research and findings so that you can produce training that is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE.

"There are only two things wrong with our approach to education & training, the curriculum and the pedagogy, other than that, we're fine." This statement is all too true of the learning approaches we see taken in both academic education or corporate training! 

So, what's wrong? Tell me more...

The underlying problem is that programs focus on knowledge rather than on practice. It affects both what we teach and how we teach. We see programs that apply the "Info-dump / knowledge-test" model, when what we should see a keen focus on meaningful practice. According to the research, in such cases, the program design does not align with how our brains learn! This misalignment is a problem. 

In this science-based session, we will:

  • Dig into what makes learning work
    Reveal the requirements of effective instruction
  • Revise both curriculum and pedagogy from this perspective
  • Explore a shift from content to application at the curriculum level
  • Focus on meaningful practice as a pedagogical approach

As a bonus, we'll also explore the wonderful magic of surprise in cognition and learning.


  • Distinguishing between “transformative learning” and “transformative experiences
  • Understanding and applying what the learning research says about curriculum and pedagogy
  • Designing a transformative experience
  • Developing a meaningful curriculum

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