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    • 02 May 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
    • Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Office, Dublin, CA


    Join Us for Networking, Dinner & A Meeting Titled…
            Presentation Mastery:
    "Simple, Yet Powerful Techniques to Graphically
    Super-charge Your Training Presentations"

    Rod Dunican             

    Competency: Instructional Design / Presentation Design          


    Objective: By the end of this meeting, you will learn how to create graphic images (by practicing little known, simple, yet powerful techniques anyone can learn and use) to enhance learning and engagement, and to produce much more impactful presentations.


    We’ve all experienced “Death by PowerPoint” where we are bombarded with bullets points, followed by bullet points, and even more bullet points, and each new slide looks exactly like the same. Sure, we try to change it up a bit by adding clip art and stock photos, but most of those look like we’ve seen them somewhere before. They usually don't have relevance to the learner or the company culture. They are "boiler plate."

    • What if there was a cost effective, creative way to produce unique graphics, backgrounds, and photos to enhance your ability to connect with audiences much more effectively? 
    • What if you could do this without having to buy anything using three simple tools we already have?
    • Any what if you could quickly learn to use these tools you already have to make amazingly effective, customized, original, and relevant images to use in innovative new ways?

    Answer: "That would be great, if I can."

    Well, YOU CAN! You'll do it in this session.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Release your inner artist (even if you don’t think you have one) to easily create low-tech graphics that produce high-end results
    • Make your smart phone even smarter while harnessing your power of observation
    • Overcome the limitations of PowerPoint to achieve fun and dynamic results
    • Harness “The Power of the Pen” 
    • Plus, a special “Unleash Your Photographic Genius” mini session where you’ll learn how to take better photos and how to use the photos you have to create “UNIQUE-TO-YOU” presentations that: 
      • Illustrate your point 
      • Add smiles and humor 
      • Allow you to be you       

    Come to this session and learn how to eliminate “Death by PowerPoint.” Discover new and cost-effective ways to make your presentations relevant, impactful, and unique to you.

    You're invited. Join us!



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    You're invited. Join us! Bring a Manager! Bring a friend!


    About the Presenter:

    Rod Dunican


    Sit back and enjoy Rod’s low-key, yet fun and interactive approach to the insanity of work, life and learning.

    Rod has engaged audiences worldwide at conferences, universities, and corporate settings. He has designed, developed and facilitated workshops on management and leadership; presentation skills; train-the-trainer; software; employee engagement and customer experience. 

    Rod Dunican is an accomplished senior executive, trainer, and coach, whose entire career has been centered on delivering exceptional results with a positive, “can do” attitude. Experience has taught Rod that business is personal and often uses the workplace as a starting point to coach individuals at all levels. To help individuals and organizations thrive, Rod brings more than 25 years in business and management to every program he facilitates. 

    Rod has served in leadership positions throughout his career: Director of Project Management (e-learning), Director of Operations & Creative Services (marketing), Chief Operating Officer (technology), Senior Director of Technology People and Leadership ( He is the former Director of Global Education for the Wikimedia Foundation (the non-profit that supports Wikipedia).                                               


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    Typical Monthly Meeting Agenda

    • 6:00 pm Networking & Registration
    • 6:20 pm Dinner begins
    • 6:30 pm Keynote presentation
    • 7:45 pm Meeting Adjourns / Optional "After the Show" Networking Begins

    Professional opportunities are usually 

    mentioned during the meeting

    New Location

    Chabot-Las Positas Community College District

    7600 Dublin Boulevard, #102

    Dublin, CA 94568

    • Parking is free

    Directions on GoogleMaps

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