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Monthly Meeting

San Ramon, Tuesday Feb. 16th, 6 - 7:30pm

Career Rx

Re-Focus for Renewed & Greater Career Success

“I’m fabulously successful in my career!”

“My Career needs a boost!”

“What Career?”


Are you confident or concerned about your career?
Business/Career is on Track
Career Needs a Reboot

When you’re successful, it’s easy to ignore career planning, especially when things are going well. However, at least once a year you need to refine your career strategy to keep things on track and to take things to the next level.

If you’re in transition, you know you need to do some career management work, but what if you’re in a job and things are going alright (if not spectacularly) do you know what’s ahead for you? Do you want influence over your future?                          

The job market is volatile. Business is moving and changing fast. To be successful and to stay successful in your career you must...

January the Meeting is in BERKELEY

Thursday, January 10th | 6:00 p.m.

45 years in 45 minutes:
Learning & Development, Wherefore art thou?
Featuring Lance Dublin
in a Rare SF Bay Area Appearance

Lance DublinQuestion: If you had the chance to have a master of your profession, a recognized leader in the field at the summit of a long and distinguished career distill all his lessons-learned from the challenges, breakthroughs, insights, and “ah-ha moments” down to a 45-minute mentoring session for the ages, would you take it?

Well, then this is your one chance

Follow the Link to Learn More

This really is a meeting you don't want to miss!

j...Workshops and Events

Consortium Launched at Meeting in San Jose

On Wednesday, April 29th

What is the NorCal Consortium?
Would you like a chance to meet colleagues from all the professional development specialties in Northern California? Then here's your chance at this mega cross-organizational meetup titled...

ATD SF East Bay is now part of "The NorCal Consortium" of professional development associations that also includes the Golden Gate Chapter, the Bay Area Human Resources Executive Councel (BAHREC), SF ICF (International Coach Federations), National Speaker's Association (NSA) and the South Bay ODN (Organizational Development Network)
Last Year's Big Event:Fire Walker Image

Several ATD SF East Bay Members Became FIRE-WALKERS!

In partnership with Anthony Robbins International, our chapter meeting last May, "Using Peak Performance to Have a Breakthrough Career Year," inspired several members to attend the Tony Robbins "Unleash the Power Within" weekend event last June. They report that it was unbelievably impactful. They learned how to control their state and then demonstrated that control by walking across a bed of hot coals without suffering any burns whatsoever. It was a living, experiential metaphor for how much more we are capable of achieving in our lives and careers, and a weekend with the power to change everything!

Uleash the Power Within

Resources & Recap

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